About Us

It’s not about pushing a few buttons, or setting a frame; it’s not about how beautiful is the location or how perfect is the pose. Photography is about telling a story so real that it defies the concept of time. Photography is about capturing the real essence of a soul on reel. it’s not something we do, it’s something that takes over us, and makes us what we are.

Human beings are the most intricate creations. And every photo, with myriad of expressions they present, speaks where words fail. And we have just been in awe of them. Photography is all about capturing right moments that connect these emotions to our senses. It is a humble job where everything has to be handled with a lot more grace and precision to get the moment captured, the way it should be. It all comes with experience, patience and attention to each and every minute detail.

It’s not a job for us. It is what we enjoy to the utmost. It started with Jaspal falling in love with photography years ago, and since, we have had our own fairy tale, entwined with a number of other ones. The love, knowledge and care for emotions and stories flow through everyone who works with him.